Streaming With Meaning: 7 Hacks To Elevate Your Online Content

The last few years, as well as the current global situation, has led to streaming eclipsing other mediums to become an incredibly powerful tool for marketing. Many businesses have seen and harnessed its ability to amplify their reach, awareness and customer connection. Learn 7 hacks that will help you transform your streaming and VOD from a short-term “Band-Aid” to a vital part of your long-term brand-strategy.

1. Level Up Your Internet Connection

The recording quality of the stream is often the core focus for a lot of business when instead the strength of their internet should be equally critical. Specifically, the speed at which content can be uploaded is vital to maintain the overall quality of the stream, with lower speeds under 25Mbps (often found in ADSL) throttling the client-facing streaming across multiple devices.

2. Integrated Audio Solution

Often oversimplified to “Get a really good mic”, this is more about ensuring that various parts of audio that make up the stream are clear, distinct and integrated. For those in B2C that means ensuring you have a mic that only picks up your voice and music that works independently and combined using a mixer. Ensure your stream isn’t asking clients click an external link and “sync” the playlist themselves.

3. Engaging The Audience

Ensuring your digital offering is both “snack-able” and “binge-able” will drastically increase its usage by clients. This is a combination of a variety of things including a genuine delivery and promoting interaction to those viewing at home, offering alternatives to those who may have physical or equipment limitations as well as explaining the “why” instead of just the “how” and “what”.

4. Catch Their Attention And Hold It

You know those cringey clickbait titles and pictures on YouTube and Facebook that we judge but inevitably end up clicking? It’s because they work. Organising your content by having distinct, branded images (Stock cover photos are design sin!) and enticing titles and tags that will have your customers clicking more as well as discovering things they never knew they wanted.

5. Switching Up Your Content

The older modality of thought was ‘pick one thing, do just that (really well)’, however, the variety offered by a “Jack of all trades” approach offers a lot more value to for your digital audience. Businesses are learning that even if some of their lifestyle and behind the scenes blogs share only a tangent to their core focus, just having them as part of their library drastically increases their reach and SEO.

6. Seamless And Branded

You’re at Nike to buy a pair of shoes, but the guy at the counter is wearing an Ugg Store shirt and gives you your purchase in an adidas box. Yes, it is very disjointed. Many businesses are doing just that, trying to shoehorn their digital offering into free streaming services instead of crafting an integrated and branded experience. Clients can tell if you’re not willing to spend on them, and they in turn won’t spend on you.

7. Maximise Automation And Focus On Delivery

The frequency at which you’re putting out content and its quality will be the two factors that lead to the brand loyalty and habitual spending you need from your clients. Not all platforms are made equal and the simplifying and streamlining your virtual process will ensure you spend less time on operations/admin and more time giving your fans more of what they love.

Are You Happy With Your Online Offering?

Even if your answer was a resounding “Yes”, we ask, could you be happier?

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