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For the cool and quirky bunch here at Digital Catalyst, our mantra is simple - We strive to deliver the best results for your digital success. We have a passion to help transform brands, grow businesses and make people's live better. 

We believe that what makes use different makes us stronger. We will always find unique and effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We will deliver a user experience for you and your customers that is intuitive, efficient and memorable in equal measures. 

At Digital Catalyst, we aim to provide an end-to-end streaming solution that defies the notion that if you're awesome, you must also be expensive. We hope you are as excited as we are to take our platform for a test drive.



Distilling that which is most meaningful


Build relationships that make a positive difference


Ensuring what we do is done to our best


Having the courage to shape a better future

meet the Team


Tech Overlord

Thomas lives and breathes technology. His love for... 


Ops Ninja

Driven for his love for all things creative, Brendan loves the process of fleshing our ideas into practical applications that have real-world traction. 

He has a host of experience in multiple areas in systems and operations, as well as branding identity and archetypes. 

In his down time, he loves most things geeky, boardgames and horror movies. 


Full Stack Magician

The absence of many human emotions allow Shize to be the mechanical heart of Digital Catalyst platform's development. There is nothing that cannot be done. 

Forged from the same material as Wolverine's claws, legend says he has the battery life of 2 Tesla's. 

In his leisure time, he enjoys not laughing at punchlines and being completely oblivious to sarcasm. 


Beancounting Sorceress

Su-Ann is passionate about all things data and has a knack for transforming complex information into actionable insights.


She has worked with 3 of Australia's top 50 ASX listed companies with over a decade of experience in data, research and strategy. 


Besides crunching numbers, she enjoys crafty things, cooking and one wheeling.  

And behind the scene looking after and supporting us are Lucy - Happiness Officer,  Dani & Elle - Crayon Evangelists, Josh - Captain Underappreciated, xxx - Money Maestro, Jo & Ian - Dev Wizards and Guy - Rainmaker 

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